MBA today is one of the most sought after degrees. No matter how lucrative the career opportunities may sound, getting through your MBA School is no task for the faint hearted. Constant pressure to excel, numerous presentations, seminars, internships are the part and parcel of a MBA student’s life. Although the pressure is good for your formative years, if you work ‘Smartly’ you can reduce a lot of stress from your life. Get your smart phone into action and see how life simplifies for you.


Well, there are numerous apps that can help you in your studies in many ways. And the good news is, we have done the hard work already. We have tried and tested many apps and listed the very best for you.

So, here are 5 apps that’ll make life lot easier for a MBA student:

  1. Evernote:

One of the most powerful productivity app, Evernote lets you sync and organise all your workplaces such as desktop, tablet, smart phone in one platform. Also you can bookmark, save, edit and review articles, presentations, online study materials etc here. You can also use the app as your personal organiser and create your to-do lists, checklists etc. For any team projects, you can collaborate with other team members and share ideas and work on them through this app. The app works just perfect offline too. And as you are going save a lot of important data here, the app offers a touch id. So, your information stay well protected.

  1. MBA Skool:

The official app of, this app is a great platform to search, share and work on various management, branding and marketing ideas. You’ll get all the information that you require while studying in MBA colleges in Bhopal or any other city. Starting from study notes, to awesome tips to create a great presentation; this app has it all.

  1. Shoonya:

If quantitative aptitude is your weak area, then this is the app for you. This powerfully designed app helps you prepare for your tests by keeping track of your speed and accuracy for numerous quantitative aptitude tests that you can take here. Very light in size, the app does not take up much storage space on your smart phone, and the easy to use user interface makes it one of the smoothest apps in the block. The app is completely free and uses vary little internet bandwidth to function.

  1. Interpersonal skills training:

If you are aiming for a management career, then interpersonal skills are very important to you. But, unfortunately not everyone is born with awesome interpersonal skills. Good news is it can be learnt. And this app will help you learn it in many ways. The app offers you various essays, tips and guides to boost up your confidence, change your body language and work on your motivation.

  1. Flipboard:

Being a MBA student require you to stay up to date with all latest happenings in the world. Flipboard helps you do just that. The news app works as your personal magazine and brings you news on topics of your choice. This way you’ll not have scour through the net and find interesting topics that may be useful for your next assignments. You can simply follow the topics of your interest and let Flipboard collect stories, articles, information from the entire online space and present it to you. The app works offline too and has a really friendly interface.

So, these are the 5 must have apps that’ll make your life as a MBA student way easier. So, don’t waste any more time and get downloading.