You’ve probably read quite a number of pieces on things to do online, how to shop safely online and in the likes of it. Well this piece is on the contrasting side of those pieces, I’ll just be walking you through what “not to do” when shopping online. It might help you save money, it might help you shop secure, either way it’ll help you.

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Things You Should Avoid While Shopping Online – Buyer’s Guide

Do not Buy Single Products:-

Not buying single products has more than one benefits. First of all, you’ll be saving on the delivery charges. Instead of paying for two deliveries, you’ll be paying for just one. And secondly, chances are you might get a 100% free delivery as well, which is the case when you’ve checked out for a specific amount on most e-commerce portals. Either way it’s a win-win. Well that doesn’t mean you can’t buy single products at all, it just means if there’s anything you’ll be needing in the near future, it’s good to bag it at once rather than buying it a week later.

“Too good to be True” offers:-

A lot of people have been a victim to this. A mail arrives in your E-mail saying you just won an iPhone 7, they take you to a website, get you’re credit card details, and the next day you’re broke. So whenever an offer sounds too good to be true, and they’re asking for something in return, well it probably is too good to be true.

Buy only from Authentic Websites:-

The Internet has a plethora of websites on the E-commerce niche, and trust me the ratio of Authentic: Fake is something like 1:10. So make sure you check that the website you’re buying from is the authentic website, and has a SSL certificate (meaning a green padlock icon near the “https” part of the URL!)

Don’t buy Without Coupons Whenever Possible:-

The thing about E-commerce portals is that there almost always is one or other kind of coupon available. Almost every portal out there offers discount, cashback and free shipping kind of coupons.

You can get Mr Voonik Coupons just as easily as you can get Swiggy coupons or for any other E-commerce portal.

A single coupon for a single product might not seem like much, but trust me if you take a look at the total discount you’ve availed through a month of 6 months, you’d tap yourselves on the back.

 Be “Skeptical” towards E-mail Newsletters:-

Subscribing to Email newsletters gets you the news of discounts and sales directly in your inbox, sure. It’s a good practice. But then if you’re from among the kind of people who subscribe to just about any newsletter from any E-commerce portal, you’ll have a lot of junk mail to deal with.

Never Buy Without Comparing Prices:-

If you aren’t comparing prices before buying something, you’re losing big. You’ll be surprised at how low the same product might be priced at some other platform on the Internet. Now I get it, it’s time consuming and tiring. Well that’s why there are price-comparison websites. Just hit up any one of them, and enter your product. You’ll get a full list with the product, the platform and the lowest possible prices.

Final Words:-

So that’s all I had gathered for this piece, I’m sure it’ll help you out the next time you’re going window shopping online. Obviously there are a lot other ways and methods you can employ to cut the costs of products you buy online, but these were some of the most basic, easiest to implement and functional ones. Well if you’ve got any other tips and tweaks you think we might like, feel free to make use of the comment box.