Computer hardware has come a long way since the time first computer was made. From huge computers, we have moved towards more compact computers that can easily fit in our pocket. The computer hardware is becoming smaller and better every day. With the technological advancements, people are now pairing an SSD with an HDD.

If you are not familiar with the term SSD then let us increase your knowledge! SSD is a data storage device which uses an integrated circuit that assemblies memory to store data. Usually SSD come in different sizes. The best part is that they are a lot smaller than traditional HDDs and provide really high speed too! But with good performance comes a higher price, if you compare storage to price ratio of an SSD with and HDD then SSDs will always be on a costlier side.

With SSDs becoming a major PC upgrade, companies likes Kingston couldn’t keep themselves away from manufacturing one. Kingston being the pioneer of storage devices went ahead and came with their own SSD named SSDNow KC380, there are two variants of the same; 60GB and 120GB. Today we will review SSDNow KC380 60GB.

Kingston SSDNow KC380 60GB Review

Kingston has done a great job with this SSD, it just measures 5mm in thickness and weighs about 27 grams. The company has designed this SSD such that it can be easily used in all the notebooks as well as PCs. For protection, the SSD is wrapped under a thin metal case.

This SSD is pretty durable and comes with a width of 1.8inch. It is also based on the SATA/600 interface. There is an important thing to note that this SSD comes with mSATA connectors thus it is important that you check your PSU power connectors before buying this SSD.

KC380 comes with 60GB of storage and the RAM size of the device is 61440MB whereas the wattage is 1 watt. In our tests, the maximum read transfer rate was seen to be at 550MBps whereas the maximum write transfer rate was 520MBps. On the other hand the max data transfer rate on an external device was 768MBps

This SSD performs really well and at the same time it remains quiet and cool. Apart from standard features, Kingston KC380 also comes with DuraClass, DuraWrite, TRIM Command and wear leveling. One of the biggest reasons behind the stable performance of this SSD is the power consumption, since the SSD uses low power, the amount of heat produced is really less and that leads to a better performance.


If you are someone who has a low budget but still wants to get a durable SSD from a renowned brand then KC380 is something that you should buy with your eyes closed. 60GB might not sound really big but people can store their OS on SSD for increased performance.  This SSD is definitely something that everyone should get. There is only one thing that may restrict some people from buying it i.e. price, this SSD has been priced at Rs. 10,020.