Kingston is a well known computer peripherals maker from America.  It is known for making storage solution devices like Flash drives and hard discs all around the world. From last few years, the HyperX has gained prominence in the market with its gaming accessories and hardware.

Whenever we talk about headphones, the first thing that comes to mind is for which purpose we need a headphone for exactly? Will it be for to hear the enemy footsteps in Counter Strike:Global Offensive or for listening to Rock, EDM or Hip-hop Music or for movies and light entertainment only or whether do i sound good using the given microphone in the headphone. Well today I will be talking about  HyperX Cloud Drone, the very 1st in HyperX’s lineup of different E-sports Headphones.


Specs Features
Type On-Ear
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Sound Pressure 94dB
Weight 220 gms
Warranty 2 Years
Microphone Yes, with noice cancellation
Price INR 2,600

I have been using this for a week now and let me tell you, I have used a lot of headphones over the past year, 1 of them being a ATH-M50x and yes for those who have been wondering why am I mentioning a audiophile here with response to a 2k headphone is because, the Drone also is a value for money headphone as the M50X was till the Dt700 came to market that is. The Build quality is what you should expect from a entry level E-sports Headphone which is what exactly? Comfort. Every E-sports player needs a headphone which he is going to wear over a long period of time and not feel heavy after prolonged use of practicing aim maps on CS:GO or trying to achieve the best SOLO MMR possible in Dota2.

Coming to the Mic, I used it on games like CS:Go, Dota2, The division and also on Teamspeak and Discord. My friends asked me if I bought a new “premium” headphone as if my voice was transmitting very clearly to them. Yeah it is that good! The mic performance is very comparable to the Siberia V1 as there is no echo problem or any other background noise going through while u talk. Speaking in Mic has been a total breeze here on all platforms on PC,Laptop and on Android as well.

HyperX Cloud Drone Pros

  • Comfortable
  • Good Quality Plastic
  • Soft on Ear
  • Good audiophile sound
  • Good design
  • Good noise cancellation from mic

HyperX Cloud Drone Cons

  • Limited portability, not foldable
  • Small clamp for over the head

Finally i would tell for all the budding gamers out there to grab this headset for this price very soon. 

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