We all know for Innovation, “Sky is the limit” but everybody have an idea but couldn’t execute that idea. There could be several problems for not executing that idea. Major problem is Lack of Mentors, Team and Funding. But from now that problem would be totally taken down by Axis Bank. Yes you heard it right. A lot of people would question me, What will a bank do to help with our ideas? That is what i am going to be covering up in this article. 

Image Credits : Influencer.in

Image Credits : Influencer.in

Axis Bank has launched a new program called “Axis Bank – Thought Factory” in Bangalore on 27th August 2016. 

What is Thought Factory?

Axis Bank Thought Factory is a new venture started by axis bank for helping budding entrepreneurs. Thought Factory is basically a Startup incubator. You could have seen the popular HBO’s TV Show called “Silicon Valley” Where Richard Hendricks (Main Role) Would be as an incube in Erlich Bachman’s incubator.  If you didn’t get the stuff i said then go watch “Silicon Valley”. Actually Axis Bank is calling it as a Startup Lab. Thought Factory will work closely with innovative start-ups by providing them the needed guidance, support, infrastructure, exposure and access to a wide variety of data needed for their R&D.

Special Features by Thought Factory 

Inhouse Incubator

Inhouse Incubator is actually a place where you can share, work and experiment on your ideas and execute them. You will also be getting solutions for all your problem which usually occurs during execution.

Axis Bank Accelerator

Axis Bank Accelerator Consists of

  • Mentorship – Get guided by Experts
  • Dev Tools – Get geared with the best
  • Workspace – Collaborative office space
  • Funding – Meet Potential Investors
  • Network – Meet the right people

Currently Three Great Startups are working with Thought Factory, i.e JocataVymo and Juspay.

Commenting on the launch, Rajiv Anand, Executive Director (Retail Banking), Axis Bank said, “We are excited about the way financial industry is evolving and how millennials are reimagining the industry. ‘Thought Factory’, our innovation lab is an endeavor to build on the ideas of innovators that can radically change consumers’ life in Banking and beyond. With this initiative, we are creating a vibrant ecosystem of Global Banks, startups & tech innovators.”

How to Take Part in Axis Bank Thought Factory?

Your startup should be an Indian registered company already working on technologies like AI, BlockChain, Open API, Networking, Mobility, etc. Each startup will be allowed to bring in their team of 5-6 people. There is no cost for the application for Thought Factory. To become a part of Thought Factory or for more information on the program, send an email to [email protected]. (Source : igadgetsworld.com)

With Addition to Thought Factory, Axis Active was launched.

What is Axis Active?

Axis Active is a wearable device which was developed by Goqii for Axis Bank. Axis Active actually is used to make

  • Make contactless payments on the go.
  • Earn Axis eDGE reward points for getting fit.
  • Manage fitness goals with your GOQii coach.

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